This Week’s Concert

Cherished Memories
Friday, August 16, 6 PM
Sponsored by Nine Partners Lions Club
Cherished Memories recreate the classic sounds using only their voices singing tight harmonies. A cappella!Cherished Memories performs across New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, taking their listeners on a journey back to the sounds of street corner harmony not often heard anymore. The group’s origin dates back to the spring of 1998.

The members say they still enjoy performing the Doo-Wop hits and will continue as long as people want to hear it. Those yesteryear are revisited every time the group takes to the stage with their a cappella nostalgic renditions of songs of the past.

Their music appeals to all ages. Some people are taken back to younger days and simpler times, while others just appreciate the pure sounds and vocal intricacies of tight harmony.

Weather-permitting the concert will be held outside the library. In the case of inclement weather, we will move the performance into the Clinton Town Hall. Please call (845) 266-5530 for more information