Thank You Bill and Barbara!

We were featured in the MHLS Bulletin this week!

The Clinton Community Library made history by passing their very first 414 (municipal ballot) vote! For the very first time in this library’s history they have stabilized their operating funds and have a predictable amount of funding to base planning decisions on. This was a huge win for this library and their community! 

(front row: Sue Ellen Fairbanks, trustee; Barbara Burns, board president; Johanna Whitton, trustee; back row: Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, MHLS; Zachary Snow, trustee; Mary Pat Sternberg, trustee; Wilfred Relyea, trustee; Matthew Pfisterer, trustee; and newly elected trustee Marion Auspitz.)

At the Board of Trustees Annual Meeting on December 11th, we also honored two Board members, thanking them for their dedication to the library. Wilfred Relyea and Barbara Burns were presented with a bench that will be placed outside the library for our patrons to enjoy. Bill and Barbara will no longer be serving on our Board, but we are truly thankful for all they have done for our community.